Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Proclamation Day Part 1

I am starting to get very excited about tomorrow. I mentioned this a couple of posts ago, and tomorrow I am going to the Proclamation Day event at Newstead House. Basically it celebrates 149 years since Queensland separated from the rest of Australia. So, I have been busily working on a partially new outfit to wear. Bec and I decided that we each wanted a Christmasy Crinoline outfit. So far, I have made a tartan skirt to go over my elliptical cage, replaced the purple cuffs on my garibaldi blouse with white cuffs, made a matching reticule / bag and started work on a bonnet. I have also made a capette to wear on Saturday to the carolling out at Ipswich, but I want to save that. At this stage everything is pressed, hung and ready to go, though I will need to get out a heap of stuff tonight that I will be taking to work with me tomorrow. All I need to do now to finish it off is decorate my bonnet. Last night I finished gluing in the lining, so I just have to put the flowers and bows on it. Huge relief that I am not left right to the very last minute, so it makes for a stress-free evening tonight. And I promise that I will post up photos of the day and our new outfits.

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