Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Carolling in Ipswich

Christmas Carolers. On Saturday afternoon, I traipsed my way over to Bec's parents house in Ipswich so that we could go to the Ipswich Christmas Carols. And of course, we were wearing our Christmasy crinolines. We were a little worried earlier in the day because of the heat and then the rain that came over but we were lucky. I had a nice cold shower and dressed slowly in the air-con. I didn't lace in as tightly as I normally would either so that I was less likely to pass out from heat exhaustion and restrictive breathing.

But the main event of our evening was handing out candy canes to the children. Though, next year we are thinking we might hit up the Brisbane Lord Mayor's Christmas Carols.

I am actually really happy with how everything came together. The skirt, blouse, sash and bonnet I had already worn at Proclamation Day at Newstead House. But this time I had my capette (also made out of the green velveteen and lined with the skirt tartan) and my basket. I spent about an hour hot gluing bits and pieces onto an old basket that I found on top of the cupboard in the sewing room. I put the white lace trim and white velvet ribbon around the edge and then added the berries that Bec found and the leftover flowers from my bonnet. I also lined the bottom of the basket with a bit of my tartan fabric. (Gee that really went a long way). But more to the point, photos... (the top one is my ruffled petticoat over my crinoline - so happy with how it is sitting now that I tightened the ties and added a bum pad).


  1. Oh, you ladies looked so special! The capes really complete the look - now you are ready for the next Arnott's biscuit tin cover!

  2. You 2 look SO ADORABLE!!!! Just like a Christmas card

  3. Lovely dresses! Wish that more ladies here in the UK dressed as perfect as you.