Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2009 Planning

So it turns out that as I am a rather organised sort of person, I have started planning my costumes for next year. I don’t have an super secret ones, but you never know, I may change my mind or something will pop up that I need an outfit for. But at this stage, this is my list (bear with me it is long):

April 3rd – Friday Supernova – God (Dogma)? Shinku (Rozen Maiden)
The God one is what I am planning to wear if we do the mini supernova in the Queen Street Mall again. And it is God from Dogma. I am actually in the process of fixing a couple of bits on it that were a little destroyed during my last wear.

And for the Friday night of supernova, I will be wearing Shinku from Rozen Maiden. Basically she is a ball joint doll that has come to life. There are quite a few parts to it but it should not be too bad. I need chemise, bloomers, dress, capette, half bonnet and petticoat. I already have the perfect wig for the outfit, I just need to style it.

April 4th – Saturday Supernova – Lolita, Mr Lovett (Sweeny Todd)
I will be wearing Lolita during part of the day as the oz_lolita LJ community are doing a panel. I have volunteered to hand out flyers in a classic dress. At this stage I am hoping that it will be in the morning, so that I can change into my costume. But I guess I will have to wait and see until the day.

Mrs Lovett from Sweeny Todd is the one I will be changing into. I guess one of the advantages is that it involves a wig, so I don’t have to worry about re-doing my hair, I just need to hide it. In particular the one that I am doing is the swimwear she wears in ‘by the sea’. It involves a few pieces as well: bloomers, bodice, corset, corset cover, stockings and a few other accessories like sunglasses and boots. I figure that if I trowel through ebay I should be able to find everything. And I guess that the sooner I start the better.

April 5th – Sunday Supernova – Packing Padme (Star Wars II)
Fixing this one up. Phew. I am glad that I have one costume that is not going to require a hell of a lot of work. I already have the skirt done. I have pulled apart my vest an re-sewn it together so that it will just fit tightly over my corset. Really, I just need to re-make the blouse that goes underneath, an embroidered panel (instead of puff paint) for the vest. I also need to find some arm bands, headpieces and hair pieces. But overall, not that much work really. And if worse comes to worse, I can wear one of my existing outfits.

April 18th – Saturday – Miegunyah House Book Launch – 1870s bustle
Yes, I am finally making a full bustle. At this stage I have found a design that I like, but it really wont work for the fabric that I have already, so I will need to get something new for it. But it’s not like 8 metres of fabric will go to waste. I will just wait until I find the perfect design for it.

May – Steampunk
I have brought my research down to a final decision. I am going to use the Truly Victorian French Vest Bodice, but sleeveless with a pair of knee breeches, a bustle and apron, stockings and spats. As to accessories, I will fine tune what I want once I have the fabric for the outfit. I really do want everything to match nicely.

June 6th – Saturday – History Alive – 1830s day gown
I am very excited about this. I have been watching Wives and Daughters and have been really inspired into getting this one made up. I already have all the undergarments from the ball last year, thought I am going to make a new corset more along the lines of my regency corset. Hopefully it will turn out better this time. Oh and the fabric that I have will actually work with my huge regency bonnet, so I will be re-trimming that to work.

July 11th – Saturday – Newstead House Q150
A really big event for me. My mum and dad have decided that they would like to come along too. And in costume. So for dad I will be making a Victorian day suit (I am thinking dove grey would be nice). And for my mum I
am planning a late 1840s day gown. As for me, I am making up an early 1880s natural form outfit. I have had the design in mind for quite some time and I even have some of the fabric. It will be blue linen and white cotton.

July 12th – Sunday – Medieval Fair
I am going to make up the set that I had in mind for last year that didn’t work during the making up process. I have new fabric and a decent pattern that will work this time and fit me flatteringly.

July 25th – Saturday – Heritage Ball
Wow, July is busy. At this stage I intend to make up a late 1880s bustle gown. I am considering using my blue/black taffeta, with black lace or net overlay. Or using my brown check fabric. Not sure yet and I haven’t really come down on the design. But at least I have a vague idea. And I could always re-wear my ball gown from last year. I would love to do my elliptical crinoline as a ball gown, but it really will not work at this type of ball.

August – Heroes and Villains
Plenty of time to decide.

September – Playford Regency Ball
I will be making a regency ball gown. I am on the lookout for a nice soft cotton fabric. And I may even be able to get my dad to come along in his regency gentleman outfit. He does love to dance.

September 23rd ish – Bollywood Birthday Party
Am planning to have a Bollywood party for my birthday next year. I have been keeping an eye out for decorations that work, but I am thinking some fabric draped around would be nice. As for costumes, I imagine that I will be dressing my family. Hmmm, must look into patterns.

October – Fairy Tale Picnic
Mary Poppins. I
am planning to dress as Mary Poppins. Or, if I tone up enough by then I will make my dream Jasmine outfit. I guess that I will have to wait and see. I do already have a couple of outfits that would be suitable to wear, like Alice or my Mad Hatter.

December – 1920s murder mystery
Obviously I will be making a 1920s gown. I would really like a fringed flapper dress, but that really depends on money because that fringing stuff is very expensive. Other than that I was thinking something along the lines of a 1930s ball gown. Very full, but still nice. Hmmm, I could always try to pick a character and dress as them.

Phew. What a list. Other than that I am intending to do a few other bits and pieces throughout the year. A regency day set for my mum so that we can picnic together. Oh and a new regency day gown for me. Then there is Melbourne cup, which I always do something new for, and the various vintage dresses that I inevitably make throughout the year. Hmmm, looks like I will be busy and my bank account is going to suffer. I will strive to save some though, I am intending on going overseas at the beginning of 2010. But that is it. The List.

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  1. Phew, what a list!!!!!
    It kinda adds to it when you sew for the family too!!!!