Tuesday, March 25, 2008

After Holidays (sort of)

So, I have been kinda slack in my posting over the long weekend. But I have been very busy and productive. Aside from the family evenings, when I didn’t get much done (family visiting from Mackay) I managed to complete (almost) everything for Supanova. Yay! (I am jumping up and down and clapping).

I guess I should start by going into the details of my Thursday afternoon Spotlight excursion. I had to get all my fabric for my BSG costume, and thankfully they had the right colours for me. I also picked up some fabric pieces in anticipation of my historical sewing. I got my fabric for my regency dress (sale rack) and my elliptical skirt fabric (also on sale rack). And I got the fabric for my Victorian Natural Form Petticoat and my Regency chemise. I felt so over-excited when I got home and just could not wait to get started.

Friday dawned and I was up early getting started on my Suparnova costumes. I completed my Chi (Chobits) blouse first. I had already made a start on it and just needed to finish the sleeves and attach them, the ribbon bits and do the buttons. I took quite a bit longer than I expected to finish; mostly because of the awkward sewing on of ribbon at the neck and cuff. I then moved on to getting my underskirt done. Talk about ruffles. For a start the skirt is very full (3 metres) and gathered onto a waistband; and then it has a ruffle on the hem as well (3 times to get a good fullness). And to top it off I had more ribbon to sew on over the ruffle join. I had every intention of cutting out the rest of my fabric in the afternoon, but I just got my first cervical cancer shot and my arm and bicep were killing; which creates problems when you are trying to fold and shake out big pieces of fabric. Family over for dinner cut out any sewing I had planned for the evening. Especially after a few glasses of wine and champagne.

So bright and early Sunday morning I got up, made my Ice Cream and finished my cutting out. Unfortunately I didn’t get any sewing done, mainly because it is Easter Sunday and I got Planet Terror on DVD (instead of chocolate) and I had to watch that. And between the movie and preparing for our family BBQ, I didn’t really have time. For a start my home-made ice cream needs to be stirred every hour, which kind of kills time. And I had to make a few other things as well. But at least my ice cream was good. And then once the kids went home we got stuck into the SingStar again. I really think we are addicted. Especially since we are exchanging Tuesday movie night to SingStar this week.

But as compensation, yesterday I got stuck in and got a heap of stuff made up. My Chobits overskirt is done, and most of my BSG costume is complete. I made up the pants, the two singlets and most of the jacket. The only thing that I need to finish is the jacket – because I bought the wrong zip. So today I went over to Ewan Gardam and got one. Now I just need to find the time to insert it. At least everything else is done. I even managed to make a start on my next underbust corset, which I plan to work on this week. But as I was back at work today, it will have to wait. I am just so relieved that I have everything ready for Supernova. I hate leaving the sewing to the last minute. The only thing I need to do now is fix my chobits ears (the band they are on is too long) so that it will fit under my wig. I am also waiting on my E-bay purchases. I am hoping they come either this week or the next. But who knows, they are coming from the UK and America. I am also going to make the arrow that Starbuck picks up on Caprica (my costume) so I will need to get a few things to do that. But it should not take too long. A trip to Bunnings on the weekend will take care of that. Whew

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