Monday, March 17, 2008

Ancient Tales

Yesterday was our Ancient Tales Guild Meet. We traipsed over to the Botanical Gardens for a photo session and then moved on up to Mt Cootha for a picnic dinner and star gazing. We had a pretty good attendance.
Rebecca was the Roman Goddess Flora,

Donna was the Egyptian Goddess Nefertiti,

Bec was the Goddess of Wisdom from Discworld,

Kerry was a Nymph,

and Cherie and I had our surprise costume: God and Metatron from Dogma.

I was very pleased with how my costume turned out. I had blue tartan boxer short underneath my white skirt – two layers of white georgette and 4 layers of fine tulle with a white ribbon binding. Then I had the corset. A silver vest, heavily boned and laced up the back. My finishing touches were my super long brown curly wig, the silver jacket and the orange thongs. A great combination and a fun character to play. The only gripe that I have is that it is a lot hotter to wear than I expected. Mainly because the jacket and corset are made out of cheap acetate satin (the only stuff the right colour). So I have decided that I will not be wearing this outfit to supernova. I had planned it for Sunday but I really think that I will be too hot. And the corset is not the most comfortable thing to wear all day long (the 4 hours was enough). But I have to admit it is a neat costume and we got heaps of photos of everyone.

And our posing with the chair...

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