Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holidays (Sort of)

Well, I am now on my Easter break. I know it is only four days, but I am going to try and make the most of it. I left work early this afternoon so that I could get over to spotlight before the late night shoppers showed up, so I have taken care of getting all the fabric and notions that I need for my weekend of sewing. Thank Zeus I planned to stay home and do nothing but sew. I may even take holidays next month so that I can get some more done. I will have to see how well I go this weekend. But to inspire myself and get started I have made a lovely list of everything that is pressingly needed to be done.

Must be done this weekend:
Chi, Chobits – blouse (1/2 done), Skirt, Overskirt.
Kara, BSG – 2 singlets, track pants, jacket, arrow (possibility)

After that:
Victorian corset (will be the base for my new Victorian outfits and I need to start with this)
Edwardian corset (make up of first draft)
Victorian chemise
Victorian Elliptical Cage Crinoline
Fix God costume (bodice, and sew new ribbon to hem of skirt)

And then I can move onto getting any of my other sewing done. Namely I really need to get my Victorian pieces ready. Firstly my natural form petticoat and skirt, then the polonaise for our fashion show in May. I really need to get these done as soon as possible. Though like I said before, I may take some holidays soon; even if I only take a few days either side of a weekend. It will mean that I can get heaps of sewing done which is the biggest bonus. Hmmm, must consider this in greater depth.

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