Wednesday, March 19, 2008

God / BSG

So my plans have changed. Again.

What can I say, I sometimes decide to change my mind. No, but seriously, I was intending to wear my God costume to Supernova this year. However, after wearing it for a few hours in the afternoon on Sunday I decided that it really was not exactly what I wanted to wear. For a start it is a little hot to wear. Which is not really a good thing at Supanova. And it is not exactly comfortable. I think I really need to make some adjustments to the corset. Everything else was fine (apart from ribbon coming off my over tutu). My issues with the corset are that I didn’t cut it down enough to get rid of the seam allowances. It is fine at the hem but it digs in a little bit under the arms, and I think that the neck strap is a little big (also needs trimming). And I had one bone start to poke out. So to fix it, I really need to do quite a bit of work. For a start I have to redo the section where the bone is poking out (not too hard – just need to stitch / tack at the bottom really). But to fix my other issues I have to completely re-do the top of the corset. Basically remove the binding, trim back the edges, adjust the boning lengths and re-stitch on the binding again. So really it is not too bad to fix. I am just not a fan of remaking things. I may try to get around to doing it when I have some free time. Not that I get that much free time, between costume commitments, work and makeup jobs I get pretty busy. If I don’t get sick again, I should be right.

So, instead of God, I am going to make a costume from Battlestar Galactica. In point of face I am going to be Kara Thrace, Starbuck. Who is really one of my favourite characters in the whole show (so glad that she came back alive). One day I intend to make the whole flight suit but since I am on limited time (2 weeks to go), I am going to make the outfit that she wears on Caprica. Which is really simple. I need the two singlets that they all wear underneath everything (charcoal and light grey), charcoal trackpants with a grey waistband and a raglan sleeve zip-up jacket in charcoal with grey sleeves. So it is a pretty easy costume to make. I am also waiting on some last minute E-bay purchases to complete the costume. I have bought her dog-tags (coming from the UK), and a replica gun (coming from America). The gun needs to be sanded and painted but that should be fine. Oh and I need to get some shoes that work. But thankfully she wears black leather sneakers. So, comfortable. But one of the best things is that I don’t have to wear a wig. My hair is now short and blonde so it works perfectly for the character. I am also thinking that if I get enough time that I might make the arrow of Apollo. Just because I can. And then I can make the storage container that they put it in (basically a postage tube with a strap painted black). At this stage everything is just a plan. I have yet to get fabric (leaving work early tomorrow to get this). So hopefully I can get my fabric. I will be very annoyed if Spotlight don’t have the right colours.

But I really have to say that I am getting very excited about going to Supernova. It is fast approaching and I really need to get everything finished. As it is, I have started my Chobits, but I really need to get more of it done. I just drew up the sleeve cuff today so that I can finish the blouse. And after that I need to do the two skirts. Hmmm, Thank God for Easter. 4 Days of sewing heaven.

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