Monday, February 25, 2008

Briney Sea

 Yesterday was our latest guild event. The Briny Sea. Basically our idea was to come dressed in anything relating to the big blue sea. Though most of us took this as to mean making vintage swimwear. We met up at Sutton’s Beach at 2pm on Sunday. And thankfully, unlike Saturday, it was actually pleasant weather. There was a nice breeze blowing for us and we managed to get a table under some shade for our afternoon tea. We had Kerry in Victorian swimwear and Donna in 1920s. Cat was Olive Oil, Bek was a character from Doctor Who and I had a 1940s playsuit. Cherie was also around, but in a photographic capacity. I think we all had a marvellous time, well I know I did and even better, I managed to avoid getting sunburnt. So, I have put up the best of my many photos.

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