Friday, April 11, 2014

Supanova Saturday

Next up was Supanova Saturday. I didn't have a lot of plans for the day, but I was there to support Abi in her stall. I did get around the venue a bit for some shopping though and picked up some beautiful Disney figures, a few pieces of artwork, an adorable pop figure of Tyrael from Diablo 3 and a new Star Wars Rebel Alliance backpack for Uni. I tried my best to restrain myself, especially now that I am not working.

I couldn't decide which costume to wear for the day, so I decided to do two. I started out the morning dressed as Mugi from the anime K-ON!. This time though, I wore the summer version as I had recently acquired a vest and replica shoes. All I had to do was cut the long sleeves off the blouse. It was a hot costume to wear on a hot and humid day, and by lunchtime I was ready to change.

Back to the hotel room and I got frocked up in my Margaery Tyrell costume - which I love but didn't manage to get any full length shots this time.

I did get a bunch of shots of the wonderful Seams Nostalgic Setup.

I also tried to get some photos of the other amazing costumes that were out and about for the weekend, but I don't like to clog up the shopping hall with stopping people for photos so, I didn't get as many as I would have liked to take photos of.

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