Thursday, April 10, 2014

Supanova Gold Coast - Friday

What a weekend it was. Last Friday, I took the day off from Uni work, packed up my costumes, picked up my travel buddy and made my way down to the Gold Coast for Supanova. I should have checked my driving instructions before I left because I ended up taking the wrong exit, too early and we wobbled through most of the Gold Coast to get to Broadbeach. It was a bit of a detour and took a bit longer than it otherwise would have, but it was the scenic route.

At any rate, we arrived at the convention centre to get Miss Diana Daring set up for her stall in Artist's Alley. Her stall is Seams Nostalgic She make the most amazing geeky wrap skirts (I have three). After getting her set up, we headed over to check into our hotel and pick up some groceries for the weekend.

We hadn't settled in long before we made the effort to get frocked up in our costumes and head on over to the event - a bit late for the opening night, but still in time to catch the Q&A session with Lucy Lawless.

I pulled out one of my latest creations - Galadriel for the evening. Since my first wear, I made a couple of adjustments to the breastplate to strengthen it, secure the front details and add a bit of further weathering. I'm happy with how it turned out, but given that Lord of the Rings was made so long ago, it might be a bit out of date. I was mistaken for Danerys from Game of Thrones a few times, mostly in part I think because the wig is blonde and the scalework on the breastplate. At any rate, I love the costume.

But afterwards it was back to the hotel for dinner and a bit of last minute sewing before Saturday began.

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