Friday, April 18, 2014

Pretty Petticoats

Coming up this weekend, I will be attending a Victorian Picnic. Now, while I would love a new victorian ensemble, with Uni in full swing I haven't had the time. So instead, I decided to put some time into some new undergarments. In particular - petticoats.

While I did have a bustle frame and petticoat suitable to wear, they were both made quite some time ago and not overly well. The bustle frame was functional but I wasn't happy and the petticoat was just hideous. Originally, yellow but washed with my red skirt. Then the seam tore. But I was still wearing it. As you can see, not pretty and not really doing the job so well.

Definitely time for new petticoats.

And this time, I was not scrimping. I had a roll of pink stripe cotton in my stash that I bought for the use of petticoats some time ago. Hunting through my trimmings, I grabbed out a roll of broderie anglaise trim in cream. And this is the result.

The Bustle with back ruffles for extra poof...

And the new petticoat...

The petticoat is almost to pretty to cover up. I have to admit that I kind of wish that I had more fabric left over to make a whole gown out of it, but it would probably be too much. But I finally have some pretty petticoats. Cue the happy dance.


  1. Oooohh! That pink stripe looks utterly delicious!

    1. Thanks. I love it, and wish I had bought more. I remember at the time they had a lovely lavender too. I wish I had had the forethought to buy more. :D