Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Great Gatsby

I know it has become the thing of late to dress in 1920s style. But I have always had a love of the period. If only my figure was more of a shape. At any rate, I have done it before and I did it again. I organised a dress-up movie going excursion to see The Great Gatsby. I frocked up with my fellow RIFF members to see the film. It's by no stretch accurate to the time, but then that is Baz Lurhman for you - he goes for atmosphere. And it really comes across. I loved the movie and thought that Joel Edgerton gave the best performance as Tom Buchanan. It's one that I am more than happy to see again, and I highly recommend it.

But, the photos from the morning. I pulled out my brown voile dress and matching green straw hat. I'm desperate for another 20s dress so that I have options - so on my trip to the fabric store this week, I picked up some fabric for a wintertime ensemble.

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  1. All very pretty ladies! I like your combination of brown and green.