Saturday, June 1, 2013

Candyland Time

Last night (Friday) I had the pleasure of attending a Birthday party for one of my lolita friends. She decided to have a Candyland theme party. I was excited to attend. It was a wonderful party and I ate way too much sugar, having to sleep it off some extra this morning.
 (The lovely Birthday Girl - Princess Belinda)

I had already started making a Vanellope Von Schweetz (from Wreck it Ralph) costume for Sydney Supanova later this year and thought that it would be the most perfect costume to finish for the party. So I got myself into gear and started sewing like a madwoman. This is the result...
The four main components of the costume are the skirt, jumper, tights and wig. I started with the jumper. It is made from a lightweight knit jersey fabric. I simply adapted one of my old jumper patterns to eliminate the front zipper. It went together very quickly, and I put the finishing touches - the eyelets and cording on it to finish it off. The tights were another matter all together. My first attempt were too short in the body (and I got the leg colours around the wrong way). I made them by cutting on white leg and one aqua leg. For the white leg, I applied the aqua and dark purple strips and then stitched the leg together. For the aqua leg, I had to apply the white spiral in one continuous run, an after some tricky maneuvering, I managed to get it all sewn down. The skirt, I made out of chocolate brown georgette and vinegar pressed in the pleats (my house smelt like a fish and chip shop all day afterward).
The wig proved itself a bit more challenging. I started by making the hair liquorice with the help of this wonderful tutorial but as I was putting it on the wig, it broke, so I simply glued it back together with my trusty hot glue gun. You can't really notice the damage because the hair hides it, but I would like to make another one that I will strive not to damage. All the other candies, I glued on as well, for fear of them disappearing as I wore the ensemble. A slathering of makeup, some false eyelashes and I was ready to go.


  1. Kawaii Can't wait to see this in real life :D

    1. I keep getting told that I do cute well, so I thought why not with this one?!

  2. Yay! So cute! :D

    And I love getting to test wear costumes!