Thursday, June 27, 2013

K-ON in Sydney

Late, I know, but I got the dreaded con sickness and have been pretty ill this week. This is probably the first moment I have had of clear-headedness, since I got back. I am tracking my whole trip to Sydney, including the the touristy stuff over on my travel blog if you are interested: but otherwise, here's how it goes.

Last weekend, I made the trip down to Sydney to stay with my fellow costuming buddy the wonderful Wendy. The intention, to visit Supanova - our round of Aussie pop culture conventions. I flew down very early on Friday morning to avoid the mishaps of last year (4 hour flight delay). Though, it probably helped that I chose to fly QANTAS instead of Virgin. I arrived rather early in the day and spend my time doing the touristy thing around Paddington (inner-city Sydney) before getting ready to head on out to the Olympic Park where it is held.

I decided to make it easy on myself and go light on the costumes this time so as not to stress myself out over luggage weight allowances or sewing deadlines (one was bad enough). So, for Friday night, I chose to re-wear my K-ON uniform. You've all seen it before, worn as the characters Yui and Mio, but this time, I decided that I wanted to be Tsumugi. The real difference between the characters in their school uniforms is the hair and the socks. Thankfully, I had bought the blonde wig some time ago, so I simply pulled it out of my wig box. The only problem I had was that being winter in Sydney, and nighttime, my legs were freezing.
There were a number of great costumes out for Friday night, so I managed to snap a few of them. I had planned to line up to buy some autograph vouchers, but the line was insanely huge - snaking around at least 10 times. There was just no way I was going to stand in line for 4 hours. But it was great to be there for the opening night, catch up with a few people and grab our weekend pass wristbands - to stop the queuing in the morning. 

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