Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Regency Picnicing

I attended one other event this weekend gone. My re-enactment group were invited to attend a Napoleonic event at the Samford Scout Grounds with a number of other re-enactors. We took the opportunity to frock up in our Regency kit for a picnic for the day. It gave us a chance to socialise with some of the other Napoleonic and Regency re-enactors as well as use a few of our pieces that don't see so much use. I took along my shade shelter, and a good thing too as not long after we had set up it started to spit, and continued throughout much of the day.
For the occasion, I decided to wear my blue muslin dress. While the weather had been cooling off, it was nice to be in such a comfortably cool dress. I even wore the new petticoat that I made last year as well, and I am very pleased with it. So much so, that I am considering making another one. I topped it all off with a new grey silk bonnet. I had made this one as an item to sell, but once it was finished, I fell in love with it, and love how it goes with this dress.


  1. Love your blue dress! Looks very summery, no wonder it was comfy on the day.

    1. Thanks. I love this dress. It's very French with all the bosom on display, but I am a single young lady :P