Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Opening night on the Gold Coast

It was an exhausting weekend. It all started on Friday morning, with me finishing off the suitcase packing. I was preparing for a weekend away on the sunny Gold Coast for Supanova. I picked up my cousin after lunch and we made the 90 minute trip down. We arrived in our apartments and were pleasantly surprised by what we encountered. We were staying at the Victorian Apartments and it was fantastic - concierge trolley to get all our bags from the car to the room, secure lift, and the room itself had great views, was very close to the convention centre, shops and restaurants, and furnished well. It even looked like it had had a fairly recent renovations to upgrading.

But enough about our rooms. At 6pm we were dressed up and headed over to the Gold Coast convention centre for the opening of Supanova. This time I had put together a whole new costume. I was dressed in a Flight Suit from Stargate. Specifically as a F302 pilot on the USS Hammond. This was a very easy costume to put together (thought not overly cheap). Every element is purchased and I was able to re-use my stargate tactical boots. I was very pleased with it.

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