Monday, April 8, 2013

Love Vintage

There seems to really be an abundance of vintage fairs around Brisbane of late, and this weekend was no exception. I attended the Love Vintage Fair at the Brisbane Convention Centre at South Bank on Friday night. I was there lined up and ready for the 5.30pm opening with my girlfriend Ainead, who was lucky enough to score a couple of free passes that she shared with me.
The Love Vintage Fair takes it one step further than many of the other fairs about. They put on a real show. The layout is very well organised and easy to get around, the fashion competition (thought I didn't stop shopping to watch) seemed to be well run, and there was a great range of stores about. My only gripe is the price that some of the stores charge. $300 for a dress is a bit much when you can get them everywhere else for $75. But I still did manage to get some great bargains.
Also on display was a collection of historical and vintage wedding dresses from the Cavalcade of History and Fashion Of which I managed to get some photos to share.

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