Thursday, December 20, 2012

Year in Review

Well it has been a busy and eventful year for me. And like all those other costumers out there, I thought it was time for a year in review post. I managed to re-wear a good number of costumes this year, so I will only be reviewing the new stuff. There have been an abundance, so prepare yourself. I will start at the beginning...

8th - 1960s skirt and blouse for a retro birthday tea. The skirt was then turned into a work skirt - so has since been worn out completely. The pattern though, has proved quite useful.
12th - I rewore my pink regency dress, but failed to take photos.
18th - The red 1950s dress came out for a Retro Tupperware party. However, I did make a new 1950s dress for my mum (on the left)

9th - Again, a rewear to the vintage fashion fair - 1950s yellow dress that I made a few years ago for my Birthday.

14th - Edwardian Day ensemble for our titanic tea
14th - Edwardian Dinner outfit. Unfortunately, the lace was destroyed on my shoes, so I won't ever wear this one again, but I was pleased with my first evening dress - even if it was terribly simple. 
15th - 1920s dress for Miegunyah House event. I love the pattern and will definitely make it again, but the fabric choice for my first time wasn't so great. I loved the colour but hated the actual fabric. 
20th - Supanova Friday night - re-wear of my Ariel Costume
21st - Supanova Saturday - re-wear of my Stargate Offworld Uniform. And the brand new Pan Am Uniform. 
22nd - Supanova Sunday - Squid Girl. A very nice cool costume. Perfect for con's held in the warmer months. 
6th - Re-wear of my natural form gold bustle ensemble. 
13th - Steampunk Safari costume for a trip to the zoo.
19th - Re-wear of natural form gold bustle ensemble. 
27th - Brand new 1950s yellow cotton halter neck dress that I made to wear to work. Perfect for a vintage outing. 
9th - History Alive, re-wear of white regency gown with red open robe and purple pelisse. Though I did make a flannel petticoat to keep me warm.
10th - 1890s Bartitsu womens ensemble. I only need to whip up a skirt. 
15th - Supanova Sydney, re-wear of Ariel costume. Man, I have got my money's worth out of that costume, the number of times I have worn it. My brother however, got a new costume of Uncle Fester. 
16th - Supanova Sydney, re-wear of Saber Lion costume. The very best time to wear a fleece costume - winter. And a wet winter at that.

13th - 1960s red wiggle dress for a vintage fashion fair. 
28th - Partial new costume for the Heritage Ball. The overskirt and bodice to make a new evening ensemble with a skirt that I have used in the past. 
And a new vest for my dad - an early father's day gift.
25th - The ACG Ball. Using a few pieces I already had, I created my Madame Du Pompadour. 
26th - Adelaide Costume Picnic, Ariel comes out again.

8th - A new 1950s dress for the vintage fashion fair out of some gorgeous fabric I brought back from Japan in 2010. 
13th - Steampunk GasLight Festival, a re-wear of my safari ensemble from May. 
15th - The Gangsters ball, again a new 1950s halter dress is made. I didn't realise how much I have used that pattern this year. I guess, when you find one that you like...
22nd - M Party for my Birthday, I dressed as Mio, my brother dressed as a My Little Pony and my mum dressed as Mother Nature in a new regency dress. Yes, I made three new costumes for it. 
29th - The Victorian Picnic, where I made my new Red Tartan Early Bustle Dress. I adore it. 
30th - The Kustom Krafts Vintage Fair, where I re-wore my red wiggle dress and hat.

13th - I re-wore my red tartan early bustle dress for the Marburg Festival. 
20th - I whipped up a new hat for my green georgian ensemble after an unfortunate mud incident for the previous hat.
27th - Halloween party calls for a costume, and I whip out my Tia Dalma. 
31st - The pan am uniform makes an appearance at work as my Halloween costume for the day. 

9th - Supanova Brisbane where I re-wear Saber Lion. 
10th - My K-On uniform has a re-vamp and is turned into Yui.
11th - The debut of Charlotte LeBouff from the Princess and The Frog. 

17th - A new 1960s peacock dress for a girls afternoon tea.
8th - Re-wear of American McGee Alice for the ACG Skating Christmas Party
10th - The new 1850s white tartan silk evening gown for Proclamation Day. 
15th - Minoan woman for the RIFF Wine Dine and Recline. 

And to round out the year, I am working on a costume for New Year's Eve - but I will get to that soon.  I shudder to count up the number of things that I made this year. But I don't feel especially burnt out when I look at how many times that I rewore costumes. At least then I feel like I am giving them a bit more love.

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  1. Wow, you have made so many awesome costumes! I adore you Madame de Pompadour, and your bustle gowns. Your vintage stuff is adorable too!