Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Proclamation Day 2012

The next thing on my costuming agenda was Proclamation Day on the 10th December. This is a celebration of the day when Queensland became it's own state back in 1859. So, for the occasion, Newstead House holds a twilight ceremony with nibbles and carols around the piano. They invite the Australian Costumers Guild every year to help provide a bit of atmosphere. It was a lovely evening, and thankfully the rain and heat kept away.

This time, I put together a new crinoline ensemble for myself. The fabric is a silk dupion that I picked up a roll of for $8.95 per metre - quite the bargain. I decided for my design that I wanted to do a double skirt, but I wasn't sure that I would always want a double skirt if I use it again for a day outfit. So instead, I made two separate skirts, one shorter than the other on two separate waistbands. This will allow me to mix it up a bit too - maybe with a plain silk underskirt layer. The bodice is based on the Truly Victorian ballgown bodice pattern. It has a straight back and I added a point in the front which I strengthened with a piece of boning. It laces up the back where I made handsewn eyelets, and it has a white silk dupion pleated ruffle trim at the neckline. I also whipped up a floral hair garland and matching brooch out of some paper flowers that I had in my stash. Overall, I am very pleased with the ensemble and am so pleased that I was able to put it together completely from stash fabric.

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