Monday, December 17, 2012

ACG on ice

Christmas parties abound. This year, the ACG decided for our Christmas party to go ice skating. We initially tossed around the idea of roller skating, but with the December heat setting in decided that the freezing air inside the ice rink would be a really nice change. I didn't make anything new for the occasion, but instead pulled out my American McGee Alice costume - which has not seen much love of late.
I did my best to get some on-ice photos, but I tell you now, it's not easy when moving on skates. Kerry was the one who did some damage and left trails of blood across the ice when she flopped down. Unfortunately, I didn't get it on camera - I did however get the display of war wounds. :D
We rounded out our evening with a swim, pot luck dinner and delicious red velvet cake. Merry Christmas!

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    wish I could have been skating with you all.. :)