Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE 2012

And I rounded out the year on a costume high. This year, I attended New Year at Draculas on the Gold Coast. It is a vampire theme dinner theatre event. We had VIP tickets, so there was no waiting in line in the heat outside, and instead got to go into a special cocktail bar waiting area. We sipped on themed drinks before making our way to the ghost train which would then deliver us to the theatre for dinner. The show was amazing and I highly recommend going. No photos inside though as they're not allowed, but I did get a couple of shots.

As for what I wore, I just couldn't go to a vampire theme event without dressing up to some extent. I think I went a little over the top though. :P I decided to make a costume that I would be able to use again. In this instance it will be a steampunk geisha. To start with, I pulled out my roll of black fabric. It is a heavy satin with a very dull sheen and small spots woven in. I decided to use the pattern from my recent tartan bustle for the underskirt and apron along with the bodice from my Princess and The Frog Lottie costume.

As for trimmings, I used up most of the black lace that I had in my collection around the hem of the underskirt and apron. I then pleated up a heap of black paper taffeta. I decided to do 5 small pleats followed by one large instead of the usual same size pleats all around. It probably took longer, but I really like how it turned out. I used a black braid trim and black velvet ribbon to sew them all on. On the apron, I stitched 1" wide black velvet ribbon down the side seams and finished them off with ribbon loops and large fabric covered buttons. The bodice laces up the back seam with large eyelets and wide silk ribbon. To add the Japanese influence, I used a vintage piece of obi silk trailing over the bustle, and I made an obi out of teal silk and partially lined it with the black satin. The final touch was a Geisha style hairstyle and a kanzashi hair clip. I was very pleased with how it turned out. The next step to steampunk it up will be props, but I am really happy with the gown itself.

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