Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Picnicing at Pemberley

My first event for September has come been and gone. And it really was a very lovely event. I attended the Picnic at Pemberley event at the Abbey Museum in Caboolture. They have been running it for the last 4? years and each year it just gets bigger and better. This year it was held out on the lawns in front of the church and museum. It made for a beautiful location with lots of green lawn, trees and shade. This year it didn't fall in the school holidays so I was able to take my parents out for the day. (A father's day gift for my dad). It turned out to be a lovely day, a bit windy but at least there was no rain.

It was lovely to not have to make anything new this time. Both my parents simply pulled costumes out of their cupboards. I did have to lend a bonnet to my mum as I have not yet made her one to match her yellow gown. But I think the sherbert orange looked really wonderful with the yellow. I did lend her my new wool embroidered shawl to wear for the day as well as it made a great accompaniment. As for me, I just pulled our my blue muslin dress, silk bonnet and spencer. So again, I was in all shades of blue. Not a bad thing really, I do tend to stand out. But I did see some lovely dresses there on other girls that make me itch to make more regency. Hmmm, maybe it's time to start using up some of that stash fabric again. I know I have a few pieces put away for Regency in there.

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