Friday, September 30, 2011


So what's next? October....

Yes, insanity has struck again and as the weather starts to get warmer in Brisbane, I am still costuming. In fact, I already have something on each weekend in October. The best thing about it all is that for much of October I am actually re-wearing a lot of my costumes, so it really gives me a chance to put a lot more effort into the new costumes that I am actually making. Let's look at what's upcoming.

9th - Steampunk Tea
I will be re-wearing my key maiden costume for this one. I am definitely going with the blue wig again, I love how it looked last time I wore it, so I am all set for this event. It's actually my only complete steampunk costume. I have a lot of ideas about new steampunk costumes and I am currently collecting bits and pieces for the next one, but that won't happen any more until next year.

14th - 16th - Napoleonic Camping Weekend
A stress-free re-enactment (no public) weekend with my fellow Napoleonic re-enactors. I haven't really sorted out what I am going to wearing, but it will all just be pulled out of my wardrobe. I may have to resort to a wig a some point though. (My hair is currently half turquoise, so not really historically accurate).

20th - Steampunk movie outing to 3 Musketeers
Again, a re-wear of my key maiden. It could turn out to be a little simplistic. This event is falling on a Thursday night, so I will be getting ready at work. I will have to see how it goes. I am very tempted though to use my actual green/brown hair instead of the blue wig. I will have to think about it.

23rd - Victorian Picnic
Both my parents are coming along, but thankfully re-wearing the costumes that I made for them when we did Newstead House a couple of years ago. As for me, I am making a new Natural Form bustle. It's actually out of the same gold fabric that my last natural form bustle was made out of (I have butt loads of that fabric - it's 3 meters wide and only cost $7.95/meter). At any rate, I have been able to get a new skirt and bodice out of it. And I am using the leftover sherbet orange silk as the apron and bodice trimmings. I have most of it put together and am just up to the trimming and finishing stages.

28th - Vintage Fashion Fair
Whether or not I have new frock for this will remain to be seen. I do have a few that I can wear and quite frankly, I probably should, but then I do have a few new vintage dresses cut out and ready to be made up. I guess it will depend on how inspired I am to have something new. The real question is going to be if I do 1940s or 1950s.

29th - Playford Ball
Regency again. This is the yearly regency ball (that hasn't been on for the last 2 years - go figure). No stress for me, as I am wearing my 1823 ballgown. I really love this dress so am more than happy to wear it numerous times. And I guess winning the award for workmanship on it has really made me love it that much more. Vanity is thy name. I just want to wear it again and show it off! I'm also running a hair and makeup workshop this same afternoon for the ACG. On the other hand though, I would like to try and get my mum's open robe made up for her to wear to this event. It's cut and I have started making it.

So there you have it. Not too much sewing, but not none either. Somewhere in there I will also need to get ready for Supanova in November - only mending and 1 new costume!

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