Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stripping in Reverse

The event I attended on Sunday last weekend was a Reverse Strip show for a fund-raiser out at Sunnybank with the Australian Costumers Guild. For those not sure what that it is, it's a "show" where the costumers start in their historical undergarments (chemise, drawers, socks, boots, stays) and get dressed, thus demonstrating the layers that make up a historical costume. It's actually quite interesting for people who have no idea about historical garments. And I know that most costumers get some rude person grasping the bottom of your dress, lifting it up and saying "what's underneath". This displays that. This time, we covered 3 centuries of fashion with a snippet of 3 costumes. 1750s Georgian, 1865 Crinoline and 1907 Edwardian. I was the 1907. It was a lovely and very simple afternoon. After our strip we answered any questions, posed for photos and then sat down to tea before heading home.

It was lovely to be able to wear my gown again. I think this makes it only the 2nd time that I have actually worn it. However, it really makes me realise what I crappy job I did on the corset. It was actually one of the earlier ones that I did. I think my shape has changed a bit as well, so it doesn't really fit me properly anymore. Add to that the dodgy machine stitched shop bought bias binding on the top and bottom and the bone casings, plus the eyelet that I heard tear when I was lacing it, the boning that doesn't have well rounded edges and jabs at me, and the wrinkling. All in all, I think it is about time for a new one. At least I have the pattern to use as a guide and make the adjustments from there. Definitely in time for next year when my re-enactment group is looking at doing the early Suffragettes. I think this one might end up being a Christmas holiday sewing project.

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