Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On the cards

After the rush to get my last two costumes done (the 15th Century and my Saber Lion) I was adamant that I would have no more rushing to get things done. No such luck I tell you. I have scrapped one thing off my list and postponed to make it at a later date, but I have unfortunately added something new. Which means that I need to get off my butt and get productive. So what am I making now?

1. Picnic at Pemberley
A blessed nothing! The open robe I had hoped to make for my mum is never going to happen in time, so I am going to lend her one of my bonnets and sashes to go with her yellow dress. A shawl may be needed as well - depending on how fresh the weather is this weekend.

2. Gangsters Ball
Super late notice, but I will be attending a gangsters ball in a just over a weeks time. Meaning that I need an outfit. I really want to use up some fabric in my stash, and went hunting for something slinky. I have come up with a choice of fabrics. I have just over 3 metres of red or just under 3 metres of purple. My biggest decision though is what style to do. 3 options. A 1950s fitted dress, a 1920s handkerchief hem dress or a 1920s drop waist tiered dress (3 tiered ruffles). I also have a 1930s pattern, but would have to buy enough fabric to make the dress. Please give me your opinions and help me decide!

3. Redcliffe Festival
We have decided as a bit of a group effort to go in Crinoline. Thankfully this means that I just pull my purple tartan skirt and velvet bodice out of the cupboard to wear. But, I am going to give it a red hot go to make the matching hat. It's all cut out and has partially been started, so I really should finish it in time.
4. My birthday
I am hosting a Georgian dinner with my close friends, and as it's my Birthday, I want something new. I will be re-using an open robe pattern for myself, so that is no big worry, I just have to cut the fabric and get cracking. The real worry is that my brother has decided that yes, he will dress up for me. Meaning that I need to get something made for him too - I am aiming to have a shirt, knee pants and vest done. The only part the I expect to be of issue is the pattern drafting. My brother has a rather rotund (nice way of putting it) stomach that I have to get around. Of course, the pattern that I have don't really accommodate his size, so it could be a bit of an issue. At least I have a couple of days before the party to get it all made up. I am taking him fabric shopping on Saturday so that he can help choose the fabric (only fair considering I make him pay for it!).

So, that's what's on the cards for September. If you notice, you will realise that it all equates to an event each weekend. Hmmm, can see I am going to be busy. At least the weather is starting to warm up which in theory should make me more productive of an evening.

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