Monday, September 19, 2011

The Redcliffe Festival

Yesterday I attended the Redcliffe Festival. Costumers and Reenactors have been involved for at least the last 3 years of the festival. This year, we were invited to attend in any historical era to act as colour in the area. I was representing both RIFF (as its only attendee) and the Australian Costumers Guild. Summer, it seems has hit early in Brisbane this year with our spring having pretty much disappeared for temperatures in the 30s. Not the most of fun for a costumer, but at least the use of natural fibres allows for a little relief. There was thankfully a lovely sea breeze blowing in over the bay to keep us a little cooler. It was a lovely morning out at any rate and it was really great to see so many costumers out in style.

For the occasion, I had decided to wear my purple tartan crinoline and velvet bodice. I spent all last week putting the finishing touches on the new matching hat so even with the warm weather I was determined to wear it all. If you can get your crinoline swinging you can make your own breeze. But I am lucky that my velvet bodice is a very light silk velvet and it only lined in cotton, so it does actually breath well, and it really kept the sun off me. The hat, of which I am so proud, comes from a Lynne McMasters pattern. I have always adored this style of hat and have actually had this one cut out for some time ready to be made up. I just didn't get it made in time to wear last time I wore my crinoline. This proved the perfect deadline. One tip I have for you all though, don't put glue on your hat. I stupidly followed the instructions and used glue to attach the bias over the edges of my buckram frame (where the wire is sewn) and then had a devils own time hand-stitching through it to attach the flannel layer and the final decorative layer. I am really happy with how it came out though. I also pulled out one of my long brown wigs for the occasion so that I could have a lovely large bun at the back to compliment the hat (my own hair is just that bit too short).

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