Monday, March 28, 2011


You may recall the ballgown that I wore to the Jane Austen Festival last year (link). At the time, I was not really happy with it. I liked it well enough, but to me, the gown did not feel finished. So, since I will be wearing it again this year, I thought that I would have a go at sprucing it up a bit. To go that final step to finish it off.

1. Ribbon.

I have added two thread carrier to the seams on each side of the bodice under the arm. This is to allow for a matching yellow taffeta ribbon. I am intending to tie the ribbon in front at the split in the overskirt.

2. Embroidery
I thought a little bit of ribbon embroidery would add some interest to the gown. I started with the hem. I matched it to where the overskirt raises in front. I went for a very pastel look, using a pale green for the leaves, white silk ribbon for the flowers and white embroidery thread for some knots and to attach some pale yellow beads. To continue it up the gown, I added the embroidery onto the bodice as well, in a very small patch on the left hand side. 

While I didn't really do a lot of work to the gown, I am pleased with how it has turned out. And it makes for another gown ready to go for this year's Jane Austen Festival.

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