Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A ghosty sort of night

I've been so busy (and rather tired) this week gone, that I have been quite slack about uploading my photos. Last Sunday night, I made my way into the great big city of Brisbane (where I schlep to work every day) to take a Ghost Tour with the Brisbane ACG. We were a little restricted in our costumes as it had to be of a historical nature but I took it as an opportunity to re-wear one of my bustle gowns that does not get to see the light of day often enough. It was nice to be out in costume again with this being my first event of the year.

I didn't take any shots of the locations but we were taken to a lot of the old buildings around the city. Due to the nature of Brisbane's foundation (as a penal colony) there were quite a few gruesome stories of the early years and the ghosts that are said to walk the city. I found it very interesting to learn a few snipits of history. And isn't it just that way, you live somewhere for years, but generally it's not until you move away that you realise you never checked out the biggest tourist places. I mean, I was born and lived in Mackay for years with the Great Barrier Reef just a couple hours trip away, and yet I didn't see it until we had moved away and then returned on a holiday to visit family. I'm thinking now that I might make it my mission to see more of Brisbane. Do the touristry things that I would never think of doing normally. That is, if I can fit it into my busy costuming schedule. And let me tell you, it is just starting to amp up now.

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