Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do you acessorise too?

In a previous post, I mentioned that I would be making some accessories to go with my regency ensembles for JAFA. And of course, as a last thing if I had time. Well, it turns out that I have found the few minutes that it takes to whip up some reticules etc.

First one, for my ballgown. What would be a ballgown without some pretty decoration? I was pretty lucky when I hit spotlight, I managed to find some pre-made satin flowers that were an almost perfect match for the satin in my dress. The only way that you would be able to tell the difference was if they were side-by-side. Not a problem when they are going in my hair. I am mainly intending to shove some of the flowers in whatever hairstyle I decide for the evening, however I did make one comb that can slide in. I just hot glued some ribbon around the edge and then glued on some black and purple flowers along with some velvet leaves. I had thought to glue on the feathers, but worried that they might sit in an odd fashion, so instead I will just be shoving those into my hair on the evening as well. And as for the reticule, it looks a little odd. I was going for a style to match the dress, loosely gathered chiffon on the top and tightly gathered at the point. It turned out looking a little strange. But not to worry, it will serve the purpose. It's just a very simple drawstring little bag the reflects the gown. 

Then there was my blue cashmere spencer. I felt that a bag would be very handy with this one as well, and since I had an abundance of fabric left over, a bag seemed the ideal use. This one is even simpler than the others, you can however see the shape of the bag this time (they are all made on the same pattern). 
Finally, there is the red linen open robe and white gown. I decided to keep this one in the red and white theme. It's made out of the leftover red linen from the robe, but I decided that it would be nice to spruce it up a little with a smidge of embroidery. I grabbed out my silk ribbon stash and got stuck into it. It really is quite simple, I have done the simple leaves in green, then some white ribbon roses and finally a few white embroidery cotton rosettes to finish. I decided just a small smattering would be enough to dress it up. 
I am glad though that I found the time to put these together. It just somehow makes me feel more put together. And I know that if I didn't get them done now, I wouldn't get them done at all. Not that it would really be that bad, I tend to use my basket most of the time anyway.

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