Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Imagine my shock...

Yesterday. Tuesday. Very eventful. I got off work early for an appointment, and on my way home, thought that I would stop at the local Toyworld in the hopes of finding an appropriate weapon for my stargate costume. Only, Toyworld is no longer there. Imagine my shock.

At any rate, I pulled the car up and thought that I would have a look in the shop next door that had a whole heap of cane furniture in the window and a 50% off sale. I am currently in the process of looking for a cane or wicker chest for re-enacting. No such luck on the chest. I did however, come home with a chair. A Roman chair. Perfect for my regency reenactment. And yes, it was 50% off as well. I am so pleased with my purchase. So, I thought that I would share. So happy. Now I actually have a seat of my very own for re-enacting.
If anyone in Brisbane is interested, they have 1 more single seater and 2 double seaters in the shop (well they did as of yesterday). How to find them. "The Decorator's Emporium" 825 Zillmere Road Aspley. It's in the Aspley homemaker centre across from the light shop. This is the complex that houses Lone Star and Red Rooster off Gympie Road.

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