Thursday, June 5, 2008


And once again the weekend is rolling around. Thankfully, for me it starts tomorrow (YAY Flex Day). I am thinking at this stage I am going to make a trip over to spotlight first thing in the morning. They don’t open until 9.00, so it really is not as early as I am up (stupid natural wake up system), but at least I can get my chores out of the way in the morning and then progress to sewing all afternoon. I really need to get some silk flowers for my Victorian hat, which I intend to wear on Sunday to History Alive. I already tried lincraft in the city but was sorely disappointed in the range. They used to have a lot of different stuff, but not any longer. I am also going to try and get the rest of my fabric for my ballgown, and if I happen to see anything else there, well who am I to fight with fate. At least my important sewing list has diminished slightly from last week.
Ruffled Petticoat – attach ruffles
Skirt – Cut out
Bodice – Purchase Fabric and cut out
Cape – buy fabric, draw up pattern, cut out
Chemise – make up
Bilaut – make up and trim
Cloak – cut out
Spanish Inquisition (My brothers’) – attach hood, fix cape

Those are the most pressing bits that I need to get done. I did managed to finish my 40s dress last weekend and I got my new Lolita drawers made up (I would like another pair as my first pair are starting to look very worn). I still have quite a bit cut out like some more vintage dresses and a few lolita pieces that are just sitting in a bag ready to be put together. But I really need to focus on getting my ball gown and the medieval done. I feel like I really didn’t get that much done last weekend, but considering the trip to east coast fabrics and getting my crinoline finished (blood stains and all) I think I did accomplish quite a few things. Though, before I cut out my ball gown skirt fabric, I need to get my mum to measure the lengths with both petticoats on, as I want it to sit at the correct level. Hmm, could be interesting. I will stick it on my mannequin tonight and take some photos of how it looks. And to make sure that the petticoat is sitting correctly. I don’t really trust my mum when she says it look good, and of course when I am wearing it, I cannot see for myself.

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