Monday, June 9, 2008

History Alive

Well, yesterday was the day for History Alive out at Fort Lytton. It was muddy from the downpour on Saturday, but the sunshine held out. I am so glad that I went and cannot wait until next year. I did have a bit of a downside, in that I was ill all afternoon. Probably some stupid stomach bug. I am a lot better today, but still not 100%. We had a lovely lunch time picnic, and shared out some of our leftover sandwiches.

I wore my Victorian again (YAY) but this time I had my lovely little hat finished. I stayed up late Saturday night finishing it off, and am so glad that I did as it really finishes my outfit. And I managed to use up all my leftover ribbons from the dress (I overestimated the amount that I needed). It was rather funny watching my shaddow as we walked in the sun - Cat likened me to a Gollywog. But, at least I am happy with it, and the marcel waves in my hair took no time to do and look pretty nifty. And I know that next time it will not take to long to get ready. (No sleeping on pin curls).

And as it happens, I had my camera (the little one) with me, so I got some photos. Not a lot, but at least a few.

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