Monday, February 4, 2008

Steampunk Golden Compass

Well I am finally getting around to putting up some photos of our Golden Compass Steampunk outing. I am only one day behind so cut me some slack.

When we arrived in the city at 9.30, it was pouring rain. So we sloshed our way over to the mall (Thankfully wearing big boots at the time). We met up and grabbed a quick morning tea. Breakfast for some of us. And then headed up to the movies were we met up with everyone. After the movie we headed out to grab some lunch and take our photos. Which, thankfully it had stopped raining. Although the humidity was stifling, I think we got some great shots. Granted that I didn’t get any group ones, but I am sure they will turn up somewhere.
And now to my outfit. The main parts are actually pieces that I have made for my Elizabeth Swan POTC 2 costume. For example, the white pirate shirt (cotton voile), the knee breeches (very nice button fly and button knee) and the jacket. I could have done without the jacket but I could not resist wearing it as it took so bloody long to make. All the wretched braid to sew on and the buttons. I had had enough. The other pieces that I put together for my outfit was my underbust corset. My very first one that is made of silk. I love it. And I am desperate to get more silk in the same colour for a full length corset. My goggles I picked up on ebay, as are my shoes. I found the belts in a dodgy makeup and hair shop in Chermside and my gun is a plastic water pistol from crazy clarks spray painted silver. Overall, I am rather happy with how the whole outfit came together and how it all looked. I was really going for kind of a pirate inspired look and I think that I succeeded. Though, my next steampunk outfit might be a bit more girly.

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  1. Hi!

    I'm not sure how to use this "blogger" site, I am used to livejournal. For the moment, I am glad I found you! (It's Kylie, btw).

    I think you managed the pirate look just fine! You were definitely the most pirate-like person there. Your outfit was great.

    Thanks for putting your pictures up, they're huge! (This is a good thing, I can see all the details! I'm also glad to have broadband.)