Monday, January 14, 2008

Costuming Update

So I actually had a pretty good weekend. All things considered. Saturday heralded the Lifeline bookfest. I got some stuff that I was after (completed a couple of collections) but I didn’t really have that much of a look around. I think next year I will go in by myself and my brother can head home when he is ready. That way I don’t get the annoying phone calls from him about where I am and how long am I going to be. But at least I got some novels, and the next one is only a few more months away. I think I should be able to hold out until then. I somehow managed to kill the rest of the day. I think between watching my new DVDs (Rome season 1) and a bit of computer gaming I killed the rest of the day.

Come Sunday I headed over to spotlight where I ran into Cat and Cherie. Talk about the place to be on a Sunday. Impromptu guild meetings in the middle of spotlight. I picked up a tonne of fabric. Polycotton was on sale so I picked up quite a bit. I have the skirts for my chi costume, the fabric for out ancient tales (surprise) costume, and a few other pieces as lining fabric. I even found a gorgeous piece of printed cotton for a lolita skirt. And I could not go past the dupion silk that was on sale. I got a fabulous piece of indigo. Only enough for a corset, but it will look fabulous. Have not decided which style or how I will make it but that will come later. I am thinking it will be an external wear corset though. The fabric is just to pretty to hide underneath another garment.

But I got home and I just could not take the whole not sewing concept. It has been 3 weeks since I have used the sewing machine and I was going into withdrawal. So I got stuck in and finished my Alice petticoat. The relatives were out so there was no one in there to hassle me. The only problem was that I had to pick something that did not need overlocking because they have all their crap over the table for the overlocker. Thankfully they go home on Wednesday. But at least I got my petticoat done. And the best bit is that it fits nicely and it has enough poof on its own that I don’t need another one under the dress to go with it. I am so thrilled that it is finished. My alice costume is now done and ready to go come april and supernova. I can’t wait to wear it properly. I mean the petticoat is ready, the apron is fixed, I have the right wig, the boots and even a knife to go with it all. The photos better be good because I am dying to get some. So come this weekend it will be total sewing. I may just have to leave early on Friday to get started early. Extend my sewing weekend to the maximum.

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