Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well, we had our second monthly guild meet up on Tuesday night. I actually really like to be able to catch up more often with everyone. It means we see each other more than just on our costuming outings, when we are in photo mode.

But a few things came up which are rather exciting. The first is that we are going to do a fashion show for the place that the Victorian tea was held. I wasn’t around at that stage, but I think it will be fun to still do it. Plus it means wearing my outfit. At this stage (and we are waiting for Cat to clarify) we are thinking that we will all be wearing one outfit and mingling with the guests. But that is just one understanding. We may actually get to do a fashion parade in which we actually wear multiple outfits. If we go with one, I will use my Edwardian one. Mostly because it is almost finished. The only parts that I need to make are the chemise, drawers, petticoat (I have fabric), corset cover and s-bend corset. Though if I do not get the corset done, I will just use my Victorian one. If we get to do multiple ones, I hope to have my bustle dress completed. I have the fabric and the patterns already. I just need to draft it off and make it up. Which will take a bit of work, but I can always take some holidays if I desperately need to take some time to finish everything.

The other thing that I would like to do soon is to make another Victorian corset. Mainly because all of mine are not really suitable for wearing as true undergarments. The first one (that I use all the time) has some extra darts in the bust because it really needed to be taken in to fit and it has hook and eye all down the front. The second one was made more for external wear and has lacing down the front. And my third one, also external wear, is not as strong as a corset should be. But the reasoning behind that is that it is not supposed to be tight laced. Which in truth is what I am really after. I think that I will try to get some nice fabric for it this time. Instead of being cotton. A silk would be lovely, but it needs to be a pastel or light colour so that it does not show through anything that I want to wear over it. At least a corset cover will take care of most of that, but it would be a nightmare to have say a red one under a white bodice. Maybe a nice pastel blue, or yellow, or pink. Maybe cream. I will have to see what I can get. And of course dupion silk would be fabulous, maybe with a nice cotton lining. Kind of like my steampunk underbust. I was so happy with how that come out. Will have to make a trip over to spotlight to see what I can get.

But moving on. The other thing we discussed was July. Originally we were going to go to the Abbey Medieval Ball, however heritage dangers (? I think) are having a ball on the same night. And the consensus pointed to going to that instead. Mostly because it is Victorian themed. So many of us are intending to do a full 1850s hoop style ball gown. And a few of us are considering bustle ball gowns. There was even talk of doing a workshop on making a cage crinoline. So after that, yesterday (off sick) I spent some time trawling the internet for ideas. For me it came down to a few options. Either I go with a bustle skirt or I do the full hoop. At this stage I am leaning towards the hoop, mainly because I think it would come in handy in other costumes. I really like the elliptical one, but I think that the standard round one would be a bit more useful at this stage. For example, I would love to someday do Belles’ gown from Beauty and the Beast. And that would require the standard round cage. But I am really undecided on what I should do. Either way, I need to be able to store the petticoat somewhere. And both the bustle and cage are complex shapes, but hopefully able to collapse for storage. I will have to wait and see how it all pans out. I think I really need to find a picture of a ball gown that I love and desperately want to make. Then I will have no trouble deciding what to do. Hey, if I get it finished early, I could even use it in the fashion parade if we decide to go that way. At least, I will have all the undergarments prepared for it. From chemise to drawers and corset, I will have Victorian ones.

Must make a note to get started on making them soon. The sooner I have then done the better. The only annoying thing about doing this ball is that now I don’t get to make my dresses that I had in mind for the medieval ball. And I have the most beautiful blue black cotton to make my dress out of. Maybe another occasion will pop up in that I can use it. But first things first, I need to finish a couple of things that I have on the go. My lolita dress needs a little work. I think a ruffle at the hem would work. I feel a little uncomfortable at the length of it. Then I can join Cat doing her Frilly Friday and wearing lolita to work. Hey, they already know that I am nuts. Aside from that I need to get started on my costume for out ancient tales event in March (it is a secret until the day). And I need to get cracking on finishing my Chobits dress for Supernova in April. Not to mention that I would like to get a lolita outfit done for St. Patrick’s day to wear to work. Which is also in March. Plus next weekend is my mum’s birthday party. Which I am planning, cooking and organising. And I still need to get her a birthday present too. And that is for Tuesday. Talk about pressure. Maybe I will need to take some time off after mum’s birthday but before my March events. Even if it is only a couple of days. It is amazing the extra things I can get done when I am home alone with my sewing machine. Hmmm, may just have to do quite a bit of sewing this weekend.

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