Sunday, August 14, 2011

So, what's on the machine?

So, it really has been quite a while since I posted about my upcoming projects. I guess I have just been so busy attending events that I forget to do the whole progress thing. And between a few other frustrations in my life, I've had some trouble scraping up the motivation. But enough of that. I recently took a week of leave off work to dedicate to some sewing time. I don't really have that much to show for it, because I was mainly drafting up patterns for my upcoming projects. One of which was the regency dress for my mum (last post). But aside from that, I do have a few events coming up in August and September. And events mean sewing projects. (Well, to me they do).

1. 15th Century Living History (1 day)

In a couple of weeks time I will be attending a living history day in 15th Century clothing. Of course, I really don't have anything that is historically accurate in terms of medieval costume, so this meant a whole new outfit. I really struggle with medieval costumes. They are generally made up from rectangles and triangles and while that sounds simple, I really struggle to sew if I don't have a pattern. I guess it is just the way that learnt - pattern drafting and grading from a block. I work best that way. So, I jumped online and bought "A Medieval Tailor's Assistant". It has truly been a huge help, though time-consuming.

The first step was to create your pattern block. I had to enlist the help of my mum to pin the fabric in place to me so that I would be able to draft the block. It is all described in one of the chapters in the book. So, I traced off the block, cut out a mock up and tried it on. It fit perfectly! From there, I have been able to draft up the pattern for my flat front kirtle and over robe. After another mock up, I cut out the fabric and am now getting stuck into the sewing part. Unfortunately that has involved a hell of a lot of hand-sewing and that is just taking too much time (It's all that I have left now). But I am progressing and I am determined it will be ready in time. I guess it is a good thing that next Wednesday is a public holiday (show day).

2. ACG Ball - Saber Lion

So, I have been keeping this on a little hush-hush. A couple of people know what I am intending to make, but this is my very first time working with creating body suits. I was intending to pad out my body a bit, but my first mock up was a utter failure, and the padding looked really terrible. I had another hash at the pattern and I am so unbelievably pleased with it. *cue happy dance* I just need to make one simple change to the amount of allowance across the hip and then I am ready to cut my fabric. My fabric has been collected and dyed to match (well as close as I can get), and my wig arrived last week. I will just need to make a couple of style changes to it and trim up the fringe. This is saber lion: (she is from the game, Fate Tiger Colosseum)

3. Redcliffe Festival - Bustle Gown

I finally have a deadline. I have two bustle gown ensembles cut out and waiting to be sewn up. Both of them have been started, but will require quite a bit more work to be finished. I would really like to get one done for September 18th. It's not doing to worry me too much if I don't get it done in time, 'cause I do have another bustle gown that I could wear, but it would be nice. At any rate, I am hosting a Victorian picnic later this year, so I will have one done by then.

I do have a few more things up my sleeve, but I am just trying to focus on August for the moment. I suppose I had best get my butt in gear and get back to the sewing. So much to do, so little time....

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