Saturday, August 13, 2011

Regency Dancing

Last weekend I attended a Regency dance held by Kaleidoscope (the dance group that I belong to). Originally I was not going to be able to make it along, because of a re-enactment weekend but that unfortunately fell through. It's a shame but at least I was able to make it along to the dance. I dragged along my parents and a few of my fellow costuming friends. It provided the perfect opportunity to re-wear my ballgown from JAFA this year. I really is lovely to just pull a costume out of the wardrobe to wear.

I have to admit though, I had done some preparatory sewing for the evening. But it was actually for my mum this time. I have never really been happy with the first Regency dress that I made for her. It wasn't really the best design for her and the fabric is a little "meh". So I have been meaning to make her a new ensemble for some time now. I had some fabric sitting in my stash that I had tagged for it, but it just wasn't right. After a fabric shopping trip, mum spotted the yellow voile that I bought for a snow white skirt and decided she would like to have that. Best of all though, I actually found a photograph of an extent garment that is the exact shade of yellow. As for design, I decided to just go with a very simple gathered front dress using the sense and sensibility pattern. The only really changes that I made were to cut the skirts to the width of the fabric so that they were a bit fuller and to build in a lining / petticoat layer on the skirts (the fabric is a little too sheer otherwise). I am really pleased with how it has turned out and I think that the design is very flattering for my mum. It would be better if she would wear a set of historical stays, but she prefers to go with regular undergarments underneath. At any rate, it is sitting nicely and has opened up the options for the different pieces that I can put with it. Next on the agenda is a v-front open robe out of some embroidered black voile. Hopefully I will get it done for the next regency event that I drag her to.

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