Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Bustle Frame

Not sure that I mentioned this before, but next weekend I will be attending a Ghost Walk with my cousin and some friends. The only costumes that are allowed can be historical. So that is what we are doing. I have decided to rewear one of the gown that just does not see much light. Namely my blue bustle.

Unfortunately, my bustle frame is awful and it collapses all the time. It's supposed to collapse when you sit down, but not when you are just walking around. So, I have made myself a new one. I managed to get away early from work on Friday and came home and got stuck into it. Last weekend I had drafted up the pattern and cut out the fabric. The pattern itself comes from Truly Victorian and the fabric is a piece of sheeting cotton from my fabric stash. I bought it last time my favourite fabric store has a $3.95/metre fabric sale on. 
The whole thing came together rather nicely and I got it all made up on Friday. There was a moment of panic there at one point when I realised that I didn't have enough bias tape for all the channels, but digging through my drawers and I stumbled over some white voile bias that I had made for a regency dress. And just the perfect amount. The only finishing it all required were the bones. I stuffed them in when I got home on Saturday and now it is ready to go.
I'm really rather pleased with the shape and I think it will give me a nice bustle underneath my skirts. By the way, I should mention that instead of using actual stays binding, I went with the irrigation tubing. It's what I use in my crinolines - so much cheaper, very light and it still works. Well, at any rate it worked for my mum's bustle and we will see how it goes with this one. There may come a point where I will have to replace it with plastic or wire boning.


  1. Cute! I've always heard such good comments about the Truly Victorian bustle pattern, but every time I try to buy it it's out! I've never seen it done with the bottom hoop before. Is that supposed to be a particular era?

  2. Actually yes. Truly Victorian have two bustle patterns. One that is suitable for both early and late bustle, but they also have the one that I made (TV108) that caters specifically to the 1870s or Early Bustle. I decided this would be best for me since most of my bustles up until this point have been early or Natural Form.

    I like how it holds out the bottom of the skirts a little more. There's also the option of ruffles, but I decided to skip them because I already have two petticoats that I can use over the top.