Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SG Progress

I got another lovely package in the mail this morning. Like I said in my previous post, everything is about to start rolling in. I ordered everything about 2 weeks ago now, so they should all be on their way.

Again, an eaby purchase. I went for ones that didn't have the side zip, but you could easily just purchase some black tactical boots or army disposal shoes to get an appropriate look. I wanted something that would fit and I could justify spending the money in the belief that I will wear them for other costumes. Namely scifi like stargate and battlestar galactica. My suggestion is to spend some time hunting around on ebay to give you a guideline of some prices. You may luck out and pick up a cheap second-hand pair. Mine set me back $150AUD
The only issue you run into when buying your shoes on-line is the sizing. For some reason, Americans seem to think that Australian sizings are bigger, but they aren't, and are in fact relatively the same. My advice is to have a look at the tongue in your sneakers and go by the European sizings. Mine ended up being a little too big, but nothing that some thick socks and tight lacing could not fix. The way I see it though is that it is better to have boots that are slightly too big than slightly too small. Otherwise, I was very surprised at how comfortable they are. They make me want to do some of my other sci-fi costumes. At the rate I am going, I am going to have to find more pop culture conventions to attend so that I can wear my costumes more often. I may have to start looking at travelling inter-state.

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