Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stargate Offworld Uniform

And here I thought that I would be deadline free for a while. I am really, but I am starting to look ahead with my plans. And that takes me to supanova. I know it is still 6 months away but when you are looking at ordering costume pieces in from different countries, you need to be well prepared. Or so I have learnt. Last minute online shopping can leave you hugely disappointed.

That being said, after this year's supanova, my brother expressed his intrigue to dress up for next year, however his physique poses a bit of a problem. His height, broad shoulders and girth create me no end of trouble when I start to look into sewing for him. In the past we have gotten away wit standard costumes that involve robes and simple elastic pants (Buddy Christ, Spanish Inquisition, Monk). I made a few suggestions, one of which being a Stargate offworld uniform. He expressed a desire to, but only if I would dress up with him. Believe me, this is no great trouble for me, huge stargate fan that I am.

This all leads to my online shopping habits of late. With the Australian dollar very high against the US dollar, it is the perfect time to start ordering up bits and pieces. My research has been made fantastically easy by a number of websites around as well as the Australian Costumers Guild Forum. So, in the effort to keep people informed and help someone else on, I thought that I would collate my resourcing here. I have ordered some bits and pieces already, but I will post my shopping locations and photos as they arrive in my collection. For the moment this stands as an introduction and a guide to this link:

I found this blog vastly helpful and if I forget something, you should definitely go there. The costumer has put in a lot of time and effort to get his costume to a fantastic standard. I think it is downright amazing and hope that I can get mine to a similar standard.

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