Sunday, May 2, 2010


And what a productive day it was. My first stop of the morning was to East Coast fabrics to start trying to select fabric for my upcoming projects. I managed to get the right colour blue linen that I want for the outer robe of my upcoming medieval. I did manage to get some red for the kirtle, but I will need to dye it a darker colour. I also picked up some yellow linen (to be dyed brown) for my brothers medieval. A bargain at $1.99 / metre.

But the real wins of the day were the ballgown fabrics. The first one I spotted was some natural vegetable dyed silk at $9.95 / metre that my mum decided would be perfect for her gown (the first one). Now I just need to buy the trimming ribbons and a voile or chiffon or georgette for the overskirt and trimmings. The second find of the day is the gold fabric for my ballgown. Natural form. I decided that I adore the colours in the fashion plate and would try to find them to make for my dress. And I did. Downside is that it is a synthetic fabric, but it was only $7.95 / metre and it is 3 metre wide fabric. Making it a lot cheaper. I just need to buy the complementary orange silk as decorations. (Sorry about the photos, my camera did not like the fabric shine or slub).

Our next stop of the day was to an antique centre at paddington. A great way to waste a lot of time, but I managed to get 3 beautiful tea trios and a silver cream spoon. All very reasonably priced too. Oh, and as promised, I took some photos of the silk ribbon embroidery on my blue regency spencer...

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