Monday, May 10, 2010

Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair MAY

Ah, the weekend. I dived out of bed bright and sparky on Saturday morning, ready to attend the Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair at the Doomben Racecourse. My hair was up in rollers and the dress was freshly ironed when Cat, Donna and Kerry turned up. Still in my slip, I pulled out the hair rollers and teased and combed my hair into some semblance of a 1950s hairstyle. Dress, makeup, jewellery, perfume and shoes quickly followed. Kerry's hair was styled and makeup done and then we were on our way.

This time it was a new venue for the Fashion Fair. In the past it was held at West End where you had to contend with the Saturday markets, and parking was a nightmare. Now, there is heaps of parking available and the venue is a lot bigger. Much more space that they can spread out in, meaning more stalls and better goodies for me to find. I got a few things this time; white elbow length gloves (perfect for with my historical ballgowns), blue silk fabric (I think it is silk. I got 4 metres for $15, and have yet to do a burn test), tatting lace, and some 1950s style glasses (which you can see in the photos).

We had worked up quite an appetite after shopping around for so long, and headed on down the street to Le Bon Choix where we feasted on beautiful cakes and tarts. After our quick trip home, we parted ways and I headed to my bed for a lovely afternoon nap, before getting up to cook dinner. Ah, the life of a 1950s lady.

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