Wednesday, May 19, 2010

14th Century #2

And what did I get up to on the weekend you ask? Not much unfortunately. I am at that stage in a project where I am finding it a little difficult to just get started. Once I get going, it won't be a problem, but at this point motivation is hard to come by. The sole extent of my productivity is cutting out my new medieval outfit. There was a lot of cursing and swearing involved (and maybe a small tantrum). The reason: the pattern pieces are so big that they don't fit on our dinner table (we are talking a 6 seater dinner table) which is where I normally cut out. I ended up pushing the couches back, sweeping the floor and laying the fabric out so there so that I had enough room. Of course this then brings in the issue for furry little kitty friends who like to walk, sit and sleep on new things on the floor. Not helpful.

And then there was the drama of having it already pinned out and then realising that it would not fit that way and I would have to shift it around. Grrr.... Who knew that cutting fabric could be so frustrating. but now I am able to get on with the sewing part of it. I have Friday off this week so I am hoping to make a lot of progress. Must find the time to cut out my brother's costume as well.

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