Monday, January 25, 2010

Supa plans

Amidst the planning for the Jane Austen Festival and making a few Regency and Georgian dresses, I am still cognisant of that fact that I will be attending Supanova again this year, and it falls on the weekend before JAFA. Originally I had all my costumes planned and organised, but then again, I am a woman. I am still going to wear my Tia Dalma costume because I adore it, and I will be re-wearing something from last year on the Friday night, but my plans for my third costume have fallen through.

Instead of making a Battlestar Galactica uniform, I have decided to go with the White Queen from Tim Burton's Alice (to come out in March). I had bought the accessories for the BSG costume, however I only got 2.5metres of fabric and was worried about squishing a jacket and pants out. I will instead put the fabric towards work clothing (it only cost me $5 a metre).

But now, this means that I have to plan out my fabric purchases. Thankfully the style (probably what draws me) is very Georgian inspired. Basically meaning that the stays, pockets, false rump and petticoats that I am currently making for JAFA are the perfect Foundations for the White Queen. It saves me a bit of work in that all I have to make is a skirt, overskirt and bodice. Granted the lot of it is trimmed to hell and very sparkly, but I think I should be able to do it justice. Stay tuned for updates on my progress...

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