Saturday, January 16, 2010

JAFA Progress entry #3

Yay! I feel so accomplished today. A great big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. In other words, I have finnished another of my dresses for the Jane Austen Festival. This time, it is an evening gown, and again I am going to be mean and just show the up close detail picture (It's the back). I even hand sewed the eyelets. Please never again. But I did make a cute little matching reticule out of the left over silk.

So, as the tally goes, I now have three completed gowns ready; 1 day and 2 evening. Which leaves me with 2 more day gowns and 2 evening gowns. Two of which are Georgian and may take a little longer to make, especially considering that I have to make the foundation garments as well as mocking up the patterns before I go cut the fabric.

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