Sunday, January 31, 2010

JAFA Progress entry #5

After quite some time, and some very sore fingers, I have finally finished my Georgian undergarments; well aside from petticoats. So far I have my stays...

I used the JP ryan strapless stays pattern to make them, and really it is perfect for me. Normally, because I am rather high waisted, I have to adjust all my patterns to fit, but this one fit to perfection. It even gives me a fantastic period bustline. As you can see, they are bright orange dupion silk (I saw the orange fabric and could not resist in getting it). The are completely boned with both plastic boning and cable ties. Actually, I found a perfect place to get cable ties. Jaycar at Aspley sell ones in heaps of different sizes and lengths, so I was able to get ones that were long enough for the back panels. I did change the lacing at the back so that it is cross instead of spiral, as I have found that spiral will slip on me and ends up loosening in places after a few hours.And yes, it is lined with cupcake fabric.

The next layer is my false rump. This is to help pad out the back of my dress to give it the correct 1780s shape. I made the pattern up by going on a few drawings in 'Costume in Detail'. The fabric is left over from one of my vintage dresses and is 100% cotton, and it is stuffed with some left-over wadding.

Lastly, are my pockets. Also made from left-over fabric (it does come in handy some times) it is from my 1830s ballgown. I thought it appropriate that it was already embroidered so that they would be pretty. They are lined with red cotton voile and bound in pink silk (another leftover). I also used up some of my remaining grosgrain ribbon as the waist tie.

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