Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sewing Desperation

So, my projects are coming along nicely. After the crinoline workshop on Sunday, I spent most of Monday in front of my sewing machine. And I am really pleased to say that my Victorian is almost finished. The jacket went together okay, though I really do not think I will be using this pattern again. And it is a smidge smaller than I intended but that is because I fitted the lining over my corset but forgot about the fact that the jacket itself is boned which means that it is a bit tighter. It is not really that big of an issue; mainly because I can get my corset tight laced in quite a lot more. I just need to get my mum to pull me in until the jacket fits. Last night I did the hand stitching on the armhole and at the pleat in the back. I really should not have used drill as my lining fabric, because it is a bit too stiff. A cotton lawn would have been much nicer. But you learn from your mistakes. So at least next time I will know to use a lighter cotton – the jacket itself is boned to hold shape and the silk fabric is flat lined with twill – so shape holding is not really an issue. A lighter fabric would also make it a bit cooler to wear. But like I said, I know for the next one that I make (this will not be in the very near future). I guess since I will have a Victorian that I can wear, I don’t really need to worry. I can just get another one done without worrying about a deadline. That should be so much more of a relief.
But back to about the jacket. All I need to do to finish it is the button holes and buttons (should not take long as my machine will do both). And then trim it. And this trimming will be a lot quicker than the skirt. For a start it is not as wide around and I am not doing 4 pieces with each side needing to sewn on. After I have completed those (hopefully this week) I will get stuck into decorating my hat. I am not really sure how I am going to decorate it, but I am thinking that I will use my leftover pieces of ribbon, some of the left over silk that I have and maybe some silk flowers. Though the other thing I must get done this weekend is the bum ruffle for under my skirt. I have decided that my natural form skirt needs a bit of filling out at the back. The petticoat is not really giving me enough shape, so I am going to make a bum ruffle. Basically all I am making is a semicircle of fabric on a waistband with a bunch of ruffles sewn on. This should give me enough poof, and it should really not take too long – relief. I just cannot wait to get home tonight and get some more done. I am desperate to have it all finished and ready to wear. And I am starting to get really excited about Miegunyah house on the 18th. I know it is not far away, but I am still excited, and desperate to wear my completed outfit. I have had this on my mind for so long that I just want it done and ready. I guess I am just really inspired to get it done. MUST ……GET …….HOME ……AND ……SEW!!!!

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