Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have been rather productive of late. My Victorian is now completely ready for this weekend. I just need to make the final decision on how I want to do my hair. I had yesterday off on flex leave, so I managed to have a day at home to get some sewing done. I finished my last bits on my Victorian and made a cute little bag to match out of some of the silk and velvet ribbon that I had left over from my bodice. And everything is now hanging all pressed in my closet ready to wear this Sunday. As for my hair, I am just not sure on exactly what I want to do. I am thinking I might put it into pin curls the night before so that I get a really nice tight curl. But as to what happens after I have done that I have no idea. I have seen some pictures of Marcel waves done, but they are different to the 20s style of Marcel waves (which I can do). I may need to do a bit of playing tonight to see what I can come up with. I think I will be doing some internet searching as well for some inspiration on hair. I guess it really does not help that my hair is short, but it will grow and I am determined to find something that will work.

I also managed to get my corset finished that I was making up. This one is the replacement to my cancan bodice. I made the one in the pattern which is just crap and looks dumb. This one, fits properly and I can tight lace. At this stage I am thinking that I may use it as the base for my outfit for our Wild West Christmas party. But I will jump over that bridge when I get to it.

On another note, I made up a new 40s dress yesterday. Once it was done and I had it on, I decided that it will be perfect for the Brisbane Zombie Walk. I am not sure who else is coming with me, but I know a girl from work will be going with her friends and I have talked my brother into coming along. Basically the dress is pastel blue and it very much reminds me (style wise) of a nurse outfit. So I am going to be a zombie nurse. I already have the hat. So all I need to do it smear it in blood (I buy the expensive stuff so that it washes out without staining), and do the zombie makeup. I am thinking that I will wear my white converse sneakers with it, so that at least I will be comfortable but I will still have the whole flat white shoes thing going for me.

At this stage, that weekend looks to be a long one. Friday night is the Vintage Fashion Thing at West End that I am going to go to. Hopefully I will be able to pick up some bargains, and I get to wear vintage to it, which will be fun. Then I am working on the Saturday and come Sunday afternoon, I will be a zombie. So the next two weekends are looking very busy costume wise for me. Not that I mind, I love dressing up. At least I still have this Saturday that I can get a bit of personal sewing done. And maybe even get started on some of my medieval outfit and my Victorian ball gown for July. I know that it sounds a while away, but it really feels like it is fast approaching.

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