Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Miegunyah House Victorian

Sunday was the day for it. We did a trip to Miegunyah house in at Bowen Hills to be the entertainment for a historical week afternoon tea. The night before I slept on pin curls so that my hair would be naturally curly. It was painful but well worth it. Come 11am, I was pulling out the pins to see what they had done to my hair. Turns out that I got a really full head of curly hair. However what I had in mind, I was not able to do. Mainly because my hair is longer on top for a bob cut than all over length. So instead I pulled the bulk back into a chignon, (using lots of pins) added a wooden hair comb that I had picked up on etsy and some of the left over thin brown ribbon. It worked really well and would actually be a really go way to go about doing my hair for regency as well. I had one lady ask me if my hair style was modern. I guess people do not realise that people have been styling their hair for many years now and styles do actually come back as well as clothing. But a chignon is very classic sort of style.I was actually very pleased with how my outfit tuned out. It was a bit of hard tugging (thanks to Cat) to get my corset down to the right size to fit under my jacket (a tiny sewing mistake) but it was worth it. Everything went well together and it all sat very nicely. I even got some comments about my last minute bag and my 50s kid skin gloves. But to the photos...

I think overall we all had a fabulous time. It was a huge ego boost to have so many people admiring your outfit. And we were asked a lot of questions. I think the thing that most amazed people was that we had all made our own dresses. I am just desperate now to make another one. This time with a huge bustle out the back. Kerry, Rebecca, Nathan and I walked down to Newstead Park. We got a head of toots and even a yell. But I got a special picture of Rebecca on the way home...


  1. I love the photos, we all looked so beautiful

  2. OMG you all look so amazing! The dresses are fabulous, the photos are fantastic!