Friday, January 11, 2008

Chobits - Chi

I have finally decided on what costume I am going to make for my Chobits outfit for Brisnova this year. I already have the wig (I picked that up while it was available on e-bay) and the ear pieces. I just needed to decide which of the many costumes I wanted to make. Obviously I did not want to go with anything too skimpy which is what many of the outfits are. So I hunted around a bit and found this one.

It will be pretty simple to put together too, which I like and I have the patterns already. For the top I am thinking of my Edwardian leg of mutton blouse, with a very full skirt over the top (white of course) and then the overskirt out of a dusty pink colour. I will probably just draft up the pattern for that myself. Basically attaching another skirt to a waist piece. So I really do not have to do too much trouble for that. And I will make another petticoat for underneath, but I am pretty sure that my Alice one will work with it. An I will add some bloomers for comfort underneath. What really grabbed me about this costume was that it is a lot more modest than other ones I have come across. And believe me that is a huge advantage in my case. Now all I need do is get the fabric which I intend to do this weekend, on another Spotlight excursion. The way I see it is that sooner that I get it done, the better.

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